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Celuka Lattice Overview ?

All About Boss Seven Engineering Sdn Bhd

Since entering the architecture profession in 2014, Boss Seven Group has developed a reputation as a creative and accomplished professional. Based in Malaysia, but with commissions that span the globe, they are always searching for their next challenging project.

Boss Seven Group is especially interested in projects that have an eco aspect to them and are dedicated to providing sustainable and creative structural solutions to complicated problems. Explore their full Architect Portfolio to see how they put their design philosophy into practice.

Celuka: About

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Product Overview .

All About Boss Seven

Boss Seven Group Berhad offers superior quality of Celuka Light Weight, PVC Foam, CLC & CPC Architectural Panels. We are the manufacturer in supplying standard and custom-made panels or grilles of different sizes and thicknesses in accordance to the designer’s creativity or client’s design. It is strong, durable, light, and easy to be installed which will not rot, warp, or even delaminate. 

The product can withstand weather, corrosion, shocks, abrasions and salt water corrosion due to the nature of this product. Besides, the materials is the most ideal product that is applicable for indoor and outdoor situation. It is also catogories as low maintenance product which impervious to salts, insects and chemicals such as acid. These materials are mod resistance and very workable with wood works such as furniture. It is nontoxic and are retardant (10 seconds and No Dripping). The remnants of this materials are recyclable and help us in reducing wastage.

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