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Consultant &
Design Services

Boss Seven's
Consultancy Services

Our design consultancy services are professional services that provide expert advice, guidance, and solutions related to design-related problems or challenges. Our services can be provided in various fields, including graphic design, product design, architectural design, interior design, and more.


Just leave the matters to us, and our consultant team will

  • Understanding the client's needs and requirements

  • Conducting research and analysis of the problem or challenge

  • Developing design concepts and solutions

  • Presenting the design concepts and solutions to the client for feedback and approval

  • Refining and finalizing the chosen solution

  • Providing implementation support and guidance as needed

Our design consultancy services can be valuable for businesses, organizations, and individuals who need assistance with design-related issues or want to improve the overall design strategy. By working with our design consultant, clients can benefit from the consultant's expertise, creativity, and objective perspective to achieve their design goals. Below are our respective consultants based on the respective project types. 

Boss Seven's
Design Collections

The following catalog constitutes an overview of the Boss Seven collections. You can either select one of our designs or create your own pattern. We use DXF/DWG drawings as the basis for our work. Important for you to know that customized designs are usually not more expensive than choosing perforations from this list. Your design is just categorized into scale according to the complexity of cutting.

The recorded dimensions shown in below catalogs are only to be interpreted as an example. Each panel is made project-specific to the size you require. We also adjust the pattern accordingly.




Your All-In-One Solution

We supply, manufacture, cut, design, build, design, and install for all types of architectural decorative projects, including residential, religious, and commercial buildings.

We're happy to get you on the path to a safer and more efficient environment.

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