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Celuka @ CLC Foamboard

What is
Celuka @ CLC Foamboard?

Also known as Celuka Lattice Composite Foamboard (CLC). Used mainly for industrial and manufacturing purposes. Primarily used in promotion ads, road signs seen outdoors, theatrical props, and furniture. 

Celuka foamboard is a highly versatile material and very well resistant to the damaging effects of rain, wind, and sunlight. It is suitable for external due to its compact cell structure. The product can withstand weather, corrosion, shocks, abrasions, and saltwater corrosion due to nature of this product.


Besides, the materials are the ideal product applicable for indoor and outdoor situations. It is also categorized as low maintenance product impervious to salts, insects, and chemicals such as acid.


These materials are mod resistance and workable with wood works such as furniture. It is non-toxic and is retardant (10 seconds and No Dripping). The remnants of these materials are recyclable and help us in reducing wastage.

What is
The Advantages of CLC Foamboard?

Inventions have helped us to improve the way we live, consume, build, and thrive. Technology has helped bring revolution in all the arenas spanning our lives. This holds true in the case of architectural and construction materials as well. There were days when construction was done using just soil or clay without any binding material. And when we look around today, we see the shimmering glass offices and marble-stoned buildings.

Humans kept experimenting with bringing out the best natural resources available and creating substances that are better in quality and last longer than their wild substitutes. One such material is Celuka Lattice Composite, widely known as CLC. It is highly preferred these days due to it is lightweight, strength, durability, and most of all, water-resistant characteristics.

CLC foamboard manufacturing companies provide it for all types of construction applications be it indoor or outdoor owing to its high usability. It has been a good replacement for wood which tends to have all-weather effects and is likely to corrode in a few years.

The advantages of CLC Foamboard are as follows: 

  • Moisture & water resistance

  • Fire retardant material

  • UV Resistant

  • Recyclable

  • Paintable

  • Machinability

  • Lightweight & easy installation

  • Product Warranty of 20 Years


What is
The Differences of
CLC Foamboard 
Other Available Materials

Comparing more than one competitor's products, as to acknowledge CLC features and capabilities compared to others products. You may see as follows table

product comparison.png
ISO 9001 2008.png
ISO 9001 2000.png
ISO 14001 2004.png

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