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How is Celuka Board made?

Celuka Foamboard is an excellent material for construction, outdoor and indoor decorative boards, office, housing decorative boards, and so forth. It is also an excellent choice for kitchen cabinets, washroom cabinets, furniture, and among other things. These foam boards are:

1) Water resistance

2) Fireproof

3) UV protection

4) Paintable

5) Machinability

6) Lightweight

7) Recyclable

But how does the board is made?

The board is a type of PVC-U foam sheet made through the Celuka extrusion process. The Celuka process uses a mandrel inside the mold, usually with little space between the mold and the calibrator. As the profile leaves the mold, the mandrel creates a hollow section, which promotes a foaming action that fills this hollow section by foaming inwards. The cooling of the surface in contact with the calibrator wall creates a very strong, shiny shell on the surface of the part while filling the foam part inwards.


There are several excellent options when it comes to architectural & engineering projects. Whether you have a budget and want a resilient project or wish to show off a more luxurious project look without being concerned about the price, there is something for you.

We provide quality Celuka foam boards and turn them into successful products or projects with satisfaction guaranteed with a product guarantee of 20 years. You could purchase the boards only. No worries, our service also comes as a complete package, including designing, cutting, installation, and transportation to make your life easier!

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